Our air conditioner business began in 1960 with the launch of our first consumer-use window air conditioner in Japan. In 1971 we expanded into the Middle East (Kuwait). We quickly built a reputation as a high quality air conditioner brand that delivers stable performance even in sandstorm-prone regions with ambient temperatures exceeding 50°C. Over the half-century since then, we have successfully established high market shares in Japan, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East, by continually applying innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to improve the environment resistance of our products—all thanks to our unique structure designs and control technologies which deliver high energy saving performance. We are now striving to expand our sales in Americas and Asia.

As the air conditioner market continues to grow, we will expand our lineup of home and commercial products—from small air conditioners for the home, to commercial air conditioners and multi air conditioning systems for buildings (VRF). We continue to expand and strengthen our air conditioner business by bringing our unique strengths in commercial air conditioner products to an even higher level.

Going forward, we will focus on strengthening our lineup to meet the various needs of each region in the world and bring our element technology (which will play a role in responding to global warming) to the next level, continue to develop energy-saving products, provide our customers with comfortable living environments, and take a responsible role when it comes to concern for the environment.


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